In the Forest out on the 11th of December

It’s been about one and a half years ago since the release of ‘The Pace of Life’, high time for another album I would say. So I’m glad to announce the release of my 5th album called ‘In the Forest’, on the 11th of December.
‘In the Forest’ will consist of 12 songs, with a total playtime of around 52 minutes, it tells a – bit of an abstract – story of two coming of age adolescents trapped in a metaphorical forest. A story that I won’t divulge any further.


  1. Intro
  2. In the Forest (Part 1)
  3. A Fox on the Hunt
  4. Coming of Age
  5. Poison
  6. In the Forest (Part 2)
  7. Oh No
  8. Le Loup Vagabondant dans les Forets
  9. Rio
  10. Wonder How and Wonder Why
  11. Death
  12. Hvis vi løber væk fra stjerneregn

You can listen to ‘Poison’ and ‘In the Forest Pt. 2’ here: